When will the exact location be shared?

We can share a rough location with you now, it’s in Horsham. The exact post code will be shared 3 days before the event. 

Can I leave the festival site and then come back in?

Yes of course, just grab a festival organiser to unlock the gates for you. Please give as much prior notice as you can, as festival organisers may be busy. You will be able to walk in and out anytime.

Can I bring friends?

Message us and ask, if we have space then yes! Although you must vouch for them being a good vibe and you will be responsible for any misbehaviour. 

Does the power run all night?

No, we will turn the generator off at some point in the night to preserve fuel and reduce noise once people get to sleep (they are loud!) We recommend bringing a torch to go to the loo at night!

What do I do with my rubbish?

Leave no trace is our motto! We will have an area allocated for rubbish bags, please ensure you leave yours in the designated area. Let’s work together to leave the site spotless, we are collectively responsible for ensuring the grounds are left as we found them, so we are able to use the site again in the future.

Can I arrive later or leave earlier?

Gates will be open for arrivals on Friday and Monday when the festival finishes. If you plan to leave or arrive in between just give us some notice so we can arrange the gate to be opened.

Can I bring a campervan?

Yes, plenty of room for campervans on site but you will need to stay parked in the car park which is a couple minutes walk from the main site.

Can I bring my own alcohol?

Definitely! We don’t have an alcohol license so all guests will have to bring their own supplies.

Can I bring a BBQs or stove to cook food?

Camping stoves are absolutely fine. If you’d like a to bring a BBQ please let us know ahead of time. Never leave a stove unattended, we almost had a fire last year (Leah)

Will there be water points on site?

There will be water bowsers for showers, but this won’t be drinking water. Please bring bottles along with you.

Will I be able to charge my phone?

Yes, we will have generators. It’s recommended to bring a multi extension lead in case there isn’t room to plug your phone in.

When do I have to pay my deposit and full balance by?

If you are able to pay your full balance upfront then you will pay a reduced amount of £90 for being prompt. (A saving of £10 to put towards your fancy dress!)

You can alternatively secure your spot with a £40 deposit.

Please buy your full balance ticket or deposit by 15th May

More details in the Tickets & Glamping tab